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Take a minute, chat, figure things out together.

Take a minute, chat, figure things out together.

Does that work for you?

You can get a lot done over a simple cup of coffee, a chat in the aisle, or any other quick get-togethers. Keeping things simple is also our favourite way to work. Complicated solutions can often be expensive or time-consuming, and IKEA was born in the rugged Swedish countryside where a down-to-earth, common-sense attitude became part of our culture.

That’s why you’re on first-name terms with everyone else at IKEA, dress is casual, you share open offices, and you’re free to talk with any co-worker no matter your role or their title. And you can always sit down for a ‘Fika*’ together, a traditional Swedish coffee break in the day where you pause, reflect and reconnect. You’ll find it’s also a chance to get things done quickly and simply – without booking a conference room, drawing up an agenda or creating a slide presentation. Why not just get together with co-workers and figure things out?

*Fika is a slang of ‘kaffi,’ an old Swedish word for coffee.

All across Sweden for centuries, and at IKEA locations worldwide for over 70 years, Fika has been a traditional time everyday to take a break and talk. Grab a Fika together and see what happens.

Two woman discussing work

Talk it over. Come up with ideas. Write that down. Ask why – and why not?!

You’ll see this same unfussy informality in our approach at every IKEA location worldwide. You’re encouraged to find simple ways to do everything. Why spend hours writing a long report or schedule another meeting when you can put your heads together and talk for ten minutes? You’ll find a lot of problem-solving happens during impromptu moments. Sharing a coffee – or tea or juice, your beverage doesn’t matter – but talking face to face does. It helps you build trust and avoid confusion and bureaucracy. Why over-complicate things? Spend a few minutes together, say what you have to say. And listen.
Talk it over. Come up with ideas. Write them down. Ask why – and why not?! Pick each other’s brain. Exchange ideas. Make plans. Make them happen. Invite someone new into the conversation. Share stories about recent trips or discoveries. Get an update on that meeting you missed while you were away. Explain in person what you were trying to say in your very long email. Work out concerns. Broaden your point of view – learn something new from someone who’s different to you. Reconnect. Then, go back to work feeling more relaxed. Ready to tackle your next project. Or turn around and chat with another co-worker and solve something else.

Does that sound like the way you like to get things done? Great! Want to work together?

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