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Everybody’s different. That’s what we all have in common.

Everybody’s different. That’s what we all have in common.

You’re welcome. You can feel it. You know it when you see it. Words are important, but what works is what matters. When you feel free to be yourself – and everyone you work with does too – we come up with better ideas and solutions together than we ever could alone. It’s proof that embracing what’s different about each of us works for all of us – and helps us all to keep growing.

You know that it means having an equal say, regardless of not only your background, age, or gender, but also your perspective, talents, experience or your role. You can be you – and so can your colleagues. You're on first-name terms with everyone at every IKEA company, no matter your job title; we eat in the same café together and we all travel in the most affordable way. Treating each other as equals is simply part of how we behave in big and little ways every day. You’re encouraged to feel free to ask your manager for a chat anytime. You can always speak up and be heard, because ideas are welcome from everyone.

Three people sat in display room

Equal. Inclusive. Diverse. Good words. Even better when it works that way.

This isn’t just common courtesy, it’s common sense. Putting our very different heads together is the best way we’ve found to tackle challenges, solve problems and meet our goals – together. Everyone can contribute. Working this way really goes back to our IKEA roots, in the rural countryside of southern Sweden where people had to pull together just to till the rocky fields and survive.
‘A simple, straightforward and down-to-earth way of being is a part of our Småland* heritage. We believe in people and respect each other regardless of position, gender or background.’ That’s a quote from our IKEA key value of ‘Simplicity’ and goes hand in hand with another of our values: to be ‘different with a meaning’. So, you should find an open atmosphere here, where you can dare to be different, try something new and ask not only ‘Why?’ and ‘Why not?’ but also ‘What if?’
What’s so unique about you – and every individual – makes IKEA better and adds a new dimension to everything we do. That’s why we recruit and welcome a wide diversity of people, because a great mix of minds, talents and unique personalities not only makes us stronger, wiser and better, it’s also the best reflection of our customers worldwide. After all, our IKEA vision is to ‘create a better everyday life for the many people’.

Our values

*Småland is the rural countryside in the south of Sweden where Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, grew up.

The land there is full of stones and almost impossible to farm. Almost! The people in Småland put aside any differences and found ways to work together in order to clear the fields and plant food so they could all get by. That’s why working together comes naturally to us – we know it works.