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Production & Chaîne d’approvisionnement

Sorting Shift Team Manager/单板筛选线长

Dalian, China Qualité & Optimisation des Process Temps Complet
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Numéro de l'offre: REF18002S

Date de publication: 11/07/2024

Safe production and continuous improvement 安全生产&持续改进

  • To lead our teams and groups to complete production tasks to guarantee quality and quantity. Storage raw material and WIP. 带领本班组保质保量地完成生产任务,确保建立库存,提高在线。
  • Ensure that our co-workers strictly accordance with STD implementation, including WES, SOS, WI, 5S, 5 GO/No Go requirement, OM to ensure product quality and safety. Give new inputs to STD owner from production experience. 确保员工严格执行标准,包括但不限于工作要素表,标准作业流程,作业指导书,5S,5Go/No Go 等相关要求,保证产品质量和安全生产。当有更好的建议时及时反馈给标准的责任人以更新标准,逐步自发的去更新和维护标准。
  • Receive the daily materials, carefully fill in the various forms and records, Data collection-Report in good quality-production system, be responsible for convening meeting or later, deploying and summarize daily job. 领取当日物料,认真填写各种表格和记录。数据收集-生产系统数据汇报,负责召开早晚会,部署和总结当日工作;
  • Accident and Incident report and motivate co-workers to report; 负责事件和隐患报告的推进,鼓励员工报告发现的隐患和安全事件。
  • Find quality deviations and make action plan; RCPS and problem escalation。善于发现质量偏差,制定行动计划。对于发现的问题进行根本问题分析和问题解决,解决不了的时候升级汇报。
  • Familiar with IKEA product documentations; Knows CTQ and make regular checking; 熟悉宜家产品文件,了解关键质量参数,并定期跟踪检查。
  • Continuous improvement. Waste identification, more involvement in improvement activity.  improvement ideas, small KAIZEN持续改进。识别生产中发现的浪费,对识别到的问题可以有更多的时间进行改善活动,比如小KAIZEN;或者提出一些改进的想法。

People management:员工发展 & 员工关系

  • Be responsible for the daily performance appraisal of staff in teams and groups, including production, quality, safety and labor discipline;负责对本班组员工的绩效进行日常考核,包括产量,质量,安全及劳动纪律。
  • Responsible for leading the implementation of autonomous team, increase performance, really accelerate continuous improvements: include booking We Share survey, organizing We Talk and autonomous evaluation to make some improvements.负责对员工的加工技能,质量意识,安全知识,行为及发展计划进行培训和指导,纠正员工违规操作。
  • Maintain a harmonious working relationship within the team. 维护本班组和谐的劳动关系。
  • Be responsible for coordinating the relationship between various functional departments and employees, and also with other teams and groups. 负责各职能部门与员工之间的联络,协调好与其他班组的关系


Knowledge related to wood manufacturing or similar experiences. 木材加工相关知识或相关行业经验。

Management experience from a manufacturing company is preferred. 拥有制造企业管理经验优先

Knowledge and experience from managing and leading teams is preferred.  具有带领和管理团队的经验和知识优先

Middle school or above 中学及以上