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You can stay with us – and go almost anywhere

You can stay with us – and go almost anywhere

Are you comfortable being yourself and planning your own journey? Then you might want to work with us at one of our IKEA stores, development centres, factories, distribution facilities, studios or office hubs that are among the many IKEA companies where you’ll find nearly 230,000 IKEA co-workers along what we fondly call our ‘value chain.’

You may not realise it, but every IKEA product is imagined, created, produced and transported through a chain of IKEA companies to reach IKEA customers – and you could work anywhere along the way. (Oh, and don’t forget IKEA Food – somebody has to make all those meatballs!)

Three people in IKEA store

‘Value chain’ may not be such a warm and fuzzy term, but that’s how we lovingly nurture and carry every IKEA product from its birth as an idea through its design, sustainable production, warehousing, distribution and transportation until it reaches its destination in a happy home. This process takes a lot of listening, know-how, coordination, planning, technology and, most of all, a wide variety of unique, hard-working, down-to-earth, energetic, eager, humble, capable, experienced and innovative people. We cradle every IKEA product from conception to prototype to production to distribution centres to reach customers on IKEA websites and in over 460 stores worldwide. If you add in all of our suppliers, you’ll count up to 1 million people working together to make it possible for all of our IKEA products to come to life and come to living rooms and bedrooms and kitchens all around the world every day. It’s people who keep our value chain moving. Lots of different individual people with a variety of backgrounds, strengths, skills and experience. Someone like you? Take a look and see if you think you’d like to come and be yourself with us. You can learn about the work areas in our IKEA value chain here. See something you’re curious about?