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Do what you do best.

Do what you do best.

Or explore what you've never done before.

It’s all up to you. Where will you go? How will you grow? Get started and see. Your personal growth fuels your IKEA opportunities. Along the way, you’ll get the support you need to develop personally and professionally so you can create your own unique IKEA journey in whatever direction you choose to go. So, you can grow in your current role, taking on new responsibilities, or moving into different functions right where you are..

Or, as you develop, you may decide to explore new experiences across the borders of what you’ve done before. You may move into new work areas as you build your skills, into another IKEA company entirely, or maybe move to an IKEA development centre, hub, store or a supplier on the other side of the world. You really can just keep growing and going.

Two people in IKEA shop

It’s all up to you. Where will you go? How will you grow? Get started and see.

Wondering how that’s possible? Because every IKEA product is conceived, created, made, moved, warehoused, shown and sold through a series of IKEA companies that are all part of the IKEA brand. In short, that’s the IKEA ‘value chain’ and it cradles every IKEA product from beginning to end.

Two people in IKEA workshop

What does that mean for you? When you work with us, you have opportunities to not only do what you do now and learn to do it better, but also to explore new things you’ve wanted to do and try things you never knew you could do. You can add to your skills, shift gears, change directions, travel or even move around the world. All while you’re ‘working at IKEA’ – that is, for one of the many companies that make up the IKEA brand, opening the doors to a lot of possibilities.

Lots of people stay with IKEA for years, growing from job to job, sometimes in the same IKEA location. Other people move from a role in one department and grow into something very different, taking on a new challenge across the country or across the globe. Big cities. Small towns. You have a lot of options. You could be working with IKEA companies at a factory in Poland; managing forests; working with an expansion team in the Philippines; developing our IKEA food range in Malmö, Sweden; sourcing sustainable materials; opening new stores in Mexico; or puzzling out more sustainable ways to make or move IKEA products. Or maybe you’d like to stay where you are and work with virtual reality to help customers design, decide and decorate by shopping from wherever they happen to be at any time.

How far can you go? You decide. There’s really no stopping you. You get the chance to bring out the best in yourself. You pick your path, build your skills and go where your increasing competence and curiosity lead you. You’re encouraged in your IKEA role to keep learning and growing, so when a new position opens that you’re interested in and have prepared for, you’ll be ready. We love to promote from within!