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Data Engineer Intern (AI)

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Shanghai, China IT & digitaaliset ratkaisut Työharjoittelu
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Työpaikan tunnus: 19846CN

Julkaisupäivämäärä: 03/05/2024


* Good interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate, network, and build strong relations with team members and stakeholders
* Good knowledge of advanced data structures and distributed computing
* Good Knowledge of AI and machine learning concepts and algorithms
* Broad knowledge of programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, Go, or Scala), including concepts from functional and object-oriented programming paradigms
* Experience with AI/ML frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch.
* Project experience with prompt tuning or fine-tuning experience on mainstream large language models such as ChatGPT(3.5, 4.0) and Meta Llama2.
* Fluent in English
* At least 3 days working in office per week, and at least 6 months as the internship duration


* Dive the transformation of IKEA into a more data-driven company by building and operating modern platforms and systems that are aligned with our constantly evolving data and AI landscape
* Build the AI ecosystem at the top retail company
* Play with PB level data of IKEA eco-systems (Online channels, Retail, customer fulfillment, etc.)
* Work with top talents and get a jumpstart to your career


We’re the ones who make it possible for people to have a smarter life at home and a hassle-free and rewarding shopping experience. Together we work to find new digital solutions for every business need to help make IKEA a great and efficient place to work. We like to think of ourselves as innovative and modern, and we believe that nothing would actually work without us.

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