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Xi An, China Ventas y Comercial Jornada completa
Informaciones sobre la localización de la oferta

Descripción del trabajo

ID de la oferta: 19043CN

Fecha de publicación: 02/01/2024


• Broad knowledge of home furnishing the IKEA
way (living situations, style groups, store
communication, complete core room solution)
• Broad knowledge of how to identify and realise
opportunities for add-ons, cross-selling and
• Deep understanding of the product range and
service in relevant core room
• Good knowledge of IKEA Concept and IKEA Brand
objectives as well as IKEA mechanical sales system
• Good knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core
values and vision of creating a better everyday life
for the many people


• Stay up to date with the local market and keep informed about people’s needs and desires, specifically customers'
needs by doing research and customer analysis, in order to enable excellent customer experiences
• Provide the complete core room solution including furniture and furnishing with proper planning based on relevant
business range, top seller and information from Sales steering indicator to exceed customer expectations and reflect
home furnishing the IKEA way
• Secure our customers an enjoyable, convenient and successful shopping and buying experience
• Actively co-operate with other functions and work closely together, sharing knowledge and respecting each other’s
responsibilities in order to ensure great customer experiences and enhance growth
• Keep up to date with competitors by taking active interest in local competition, and help promote IKEA products in
ways that best show IKEA competitive advantage to customers


We deliver sustainable, extraordinary growth by
creating a new, unique, inspiring and convenient
meeting with the customers. We deliver a multichannel
experience that adds value to the many
people and inspires a home furnishing movement.

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