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Finanzas, Legal y Patrimonio

Business Navigation Manager(财务BP方向)

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Shanghai, China Finanzas, Contabilidad e Impuestos Jornada completa
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ID de la oferta: 19760CN

Fecha de publicación: 05/06/2024


• Strong, broad commercial business knowledge and cross-functional understanding of how IKEA operates.
• In depth knowledge of how sales and gross margin is optimized in the different sales channels and how we measure commercial success throughout the total IKEA value chain
• Understanding of accounting principles in IKEA
• Good understanding of data science, new technologies, analytics and their wide ranging application in business context
• Good knowledge of the IKEA Concept, the IKEA Brand Identity and the IKEA culture & Values
• In-depth knowledge of IKEA business tools, processes and cycles
• Good understanding of IKEA’s strategic landscape and direction


• Project and secure the long-term financial development in the country by connecting the profit and loss to the objectives of the IKEA Direction, Market Penetration Plan and identified business opportunities in the country
• Drive and co-ordinate the financial business planning process, ensuring that the financial plan is aligned with the BPL priorities in the country while involving and creating commitment among stakeholders on performance management and goal setting
• Drive and co-ordinate the business performance follow-up and forecasting process in the country, in line with the global business navigation year cycle and in close co-operation with the country management team and stores.
• Secure a pro-active, documented and anchored way of working with scenario planning and implementation, providing fast reactions to performance deviations while maximizing the business performance in the short term.
• Together with stakeholders analyze and evaluate benefits, costs and investments, looking at the business from all relevant perspectives, ensuring a good return on investment and qualitative business cases.
• Promote the use of business cases when identifying, evaluating and acting on business opportunities.
• Support and challenge the planning, implementation and follow up of the pricing of products and services, in line with country pricing principles
• Navigate towards more effective and cost conscious ways of working, identifying growth and cost potentials through benchmarking, striving for constant improvements and closing of the performance gap between units.
• Lead & develop the Business Navigation organisation in the country, securing Business Navigation competence within the function as well as spreading it to the rest of the organisation.
• Be an active partner, contributing expertise to country projects to ensure delivery on time and on budget.
• Develop business and people together, with the customer in mind, secure learning in the business and encourage entrepreneurial behaviour exploring retail in the future.


Create enhance customer value, good growth and optimise long term business performance for IKEA Retail, by enabling better business decisions, securing efficiency and leading in accordance with financial and business strategies. This includes securing (financial) business performance, a safe and secure environment in compliance with laws, policies and standards and process.

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