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Azure Architect

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Leiden, Netherlands Informática y Soluciones Digitales Jornada completa
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ID de la oferta: 218214

Fecha de publicación: 28/11/2023

Our team within IKEA

The Renewable Energy Portfolio is part of Ingka Investments, one of the core area’s of Ingka Group, which is one of the largest franchisees of the IKEA brand with close to 400 IKEA stores operated in 32 countries. Ingka Investments is making purposeful investments into Renewable Energy projects to help the Ingka Group achieve its ambitious sustainability targets. Within the portfolio, the Renewable Energy team is responsible for the management of 7.5 B€ investment framework across 50+ wind farms and 20+ solar farms across 20 countries. The ambitions of Ingka Group are such that the Renewable Energy portfolio is expected to triple its electricity generation capacity by 2030.

Solutions Team
The Solutions team is an expert team of Microsoft architects, developers and engineers aiming to develop and maintain business asset management solutions for the bigger Ingka Renewables team. Solutions team’s focus area is to centralize the asset data pool and create automated processes and solutions aimed at increasing electricity production, reducing operational costs and increasing energy sale revenue of renewables assets. Additionally, Solutions Team is managing its own dedicated Office365, PowerPlatform, Dynamics and Azure tenants. The internal team is in close weekly collaboration with external partners such as Microsoft solution architects and technology startups to accelerate the development.

Your responsibilities

• Design cloud solutions that address specific business needs. This involves understanding the organization's requirements, selecting the appropriate Azure services and resources, and creating a high-level architecture that outlines how different components will work together.
• Documentation on Solution Design using best practices using version controlled solutions
• Lead development of solutions by laying out the development features in Azure DevOps, in close
collaboration with project management team, internal and external developers
• Design the underlying infrastructure that supports Azure services, including virtual networks,
subnets, storage accounts, and identity and access management (IAM) configurations.
• Design security controls, implement identity and access management, and configure security policies to protect data and applications. They also ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
• Responsible for optimizing the cost of running Azure solutions. This includes selecting cost-effective resources, implementing cost monitoring and reporting, and making recommendations for cost optimization.
• Maintaining comprehensive documentation of the Azure architecture and best practices
• Responsible for diagnosing and resolving level 3 issues, while providing support and guidance to the development and operations team on level 1 and 2 ticket.
• Collaborate with other architects and developers to ensure that the organization has consistent and sustainable solutions that are integrated and harmonized with other systems and applications.
• Managing resources, budget, material and (digital) information to maximise efficiency and performance
• Manage external resources during the development of portfolio solutions to deliver according to the defined architecture and hand-over plans according to our way of working and principles
• Stay current with Azure features and capabilities and identify opportunities to leverage new
functionality to improve business processes.
• Identify and mitigate technical risks associated with Azure Implementations.

Together as a team

We’re the ones who make it possible for people to have a smarter life at home and a hassle-free and rewarding shopping experience. Together we work to find new digital solutions for every business need to help make IKEA a great and efficient place to work. We like to think of ourselves as innovative and modern, and we believe that nothing would actually work without us.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for designing and implementing the Azure architecture for our organization. The Azure Solutions Architect will be responsible for design, implementation, and management of solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Play a crucial role in ensuring that Azure- based solutions align with business goals, meet performance and security requirements, and are scalable and cost-effective.

• University degree in computer science, or a related field.
• 5+ years of recent experience with Azure Solutions Architect.
• Strong understanding of Azure Architecture and development best practices.
• Experience developing solutions in Azure Infrastructure.
• Experience integrating Azure based solutions with other systems and applications.
• Excellent documentation, communication and collaboration skills.
• International experience and an understanding of cultural differences.
• Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
• Fluent in English (written and spoken) and happy to work across language barriers.

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