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Life at IKEA

Life at IKEA

Three people sat around a table

231,000 heads are 230,999 times better than 1.

We're one big we at IKEA. A place where anyone can chip in an idea or bring their unique talent or experience to work. And there's so much more to how we do it. We look out for each other, sit down as co-workers to see how we could improve our time together. We don't just settle for the way things are. We question them, and even rebel against them for the better. So we're always looking for people who think differently.

Our Values

Three people taking in hallway

Take a minute, chat, figure things out together.

Does that work for you?

You can get a lot done over a simple cup of coffee, a chat in the aisle or other quick get-togethers.

Keeping things simple is also our favourite way to work. Complicated solutions can often be expensive or time-consuming, and IKEA was born in the rugged Swedish countryside where a down-to-earth, common-sense attitude became part of our culture. That’s why you’re on first-name terms with everyone else, dress is casual, you share open offices, and you’re free to talk with any co-worker no matter your role or their title. And you can always sit down for a ‘Fika’ together – a traditional Swedish coffee break in the day where you pause, reflect and reconnect. You’ll find it’s also a chance to get things done quickly and simply – without booking a conference room, drawing up an agenda or creating a slide presentation. Why not just get together with co-workers and figure things out?

Working Together

Five people talking around table

Everybody’s different. That’s what we all have in common.

You’re welcome. You can feel it. You know it when you see it. Words are important, but what works is what matters most. It’s common courtesy and common sense. When you feel free to be yourself – and everyone you work with does too – we come up with better ideas and solutions together than we ever could alone. It’s proof that embracing what’s different about each of us works for all of us, and helps us keep growing.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

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Did you know that?

Or this?

Got 30 seconds? Click here for a few fast facts, figures and fun bits about IKEA people, products and places you’ll find us. Get to know us better as you learn a little IKEA trivia.

Facts About IKEA

*At last count in FY22, 231,000 IKEA co- workers are working and having fun and making life at home a little better around the world.