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Automation Engineer

Zbąszyń, Poland Exploration, Co-Creation & Innovation Full time
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Job Description

Job ID: REF17299H

Date posted: 06/02/2024

Company description

IKEA Industry, part of the Inter IKEA Group, is the world’s largest producer of wooden furniture and is an integrated part of the IKEA value chain.As IKEA’s own furniture manufacturer our role is to offer a unique advantage for IKEA as a world leader in home furnishing.

IKEA Industry has nearly 38 production units, across 18 sites in 7 countries: Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Sweden, Lithuania, China and Hungary.

Our operations include forestry, sawmills, boards, component and furniture production. IKEA culture and values shape everything we do. Not only do the IKEA values bring us together, they also help us to do business successfully

In IKEA Industry, Manufacturing Development Department grows unique manufacturing capability for long-term competitive advantage. Focus areas are Material, Product, Engineering, Energy efficiency and Automation capabilities.

Automation development department in Development Arena has assignment to develop & innovate automatic solutions in manufacturing for sustainable competitive advantage. Working closely with IKEA Industry factories, technology suppliers, product engineers, research institutions and global manufacturers entire lifecycle of automation is covered – from identifying business case until installation and through continuous improvements improving work conditions for many co-workers.

Right now we are looking for an Automation Engineer that will contribute to the continues development at the Automation- and Engineering & Energy department.

Job description

Are you passionate about developing the next generation of production plants in global manufacturing company?

In the position of Automation Engineer at IKEA Industry expectation is to work with latest advances in digital production and further developing manufacturing processes in high-performing sustainable production systems.​


Automation Engineering is located in Manufacturing Development Center (MDC) in Zbasyzn. The MDC is the world’s biggest furniture development center where 100+ engineers and leaders co-create and innovate Materials, Products and Technology together with colleagues and partners. In the areas of Automation and Energy the current focus is:

  • to take next steps in energy efficiency with intelligent control systems
  • to continue development and implementation of our Industry 4.0 strategy
  • to innovate, develop and implement world-class automation and robotics

The role includes leading development projects as well as managing improvements of such systems in full operation in close cooperation with factory representatives, industry experts, product development and several of the collaborating companies and research institutions.

Who You are

We are looking for you who are passionate about developing the next generation of production plants in global manufacturing company. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about advanced development in intersection between material, product, digital and automation to offer IKEA customers even better home furnishing products which many more of the many will be able to afford. We believe that you thrive in an demanding environment with a lot of personal freedom to deliver on agreed targets and goals.


We believe that you have a combination of the following knowledge and capabilities:

  • Advanced PLC Programming: Proficiency in programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) using ladder logic and structured control language (SCL). Ability to develop, troubleshoot, and optimize PLC-based control systems.
  • Frequency Inverter Expertise: Solid understanding of frequency inverters, including setup, configuration, and troubleshooting. Knowledge of their application in industrial automation to control the speed of electric motors.
  • Hands-On Experience in Automation Electronics: Practical skills in dealing with automation electronics, including sensors, actuators, and control systems. Ability to diagnose and repair electronic components and systems.
  • Production Systems Engineering: Knowledge of engineering principles applied to production systems. Understanding of how to design, implement, and improve automated manufacturing processes.
  • In-Depth Understanding of Manufacturing Processes: Familiarity with various manufacturing processes and how automation can enhance efficiency, quality, and safety.
  • Design of Experiments (DoE): Ability to design and conduct experiments to optimize and validate manufacturing processes and systems.
  • Project Management Competence: Managing tasks in automation projects, including planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. Skills in scope definition, time management, and resource allocation.
  • Cross-Cultural Relationship Management: Ability to work effectively in a diverse, multicultural environment. Skill in building and maintaining professional relationships across different cultural contexts.
  • Proficiency in English: Strong verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Goal-Oriented Approach: Experience working with defined goals, scopes, and deliverables within set timeframes. Ability to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities effectively.
  • Networking and Communication Skills: Strong networking abilities and effective communication skills to influence, engage, and negotiate with various stakeholders.
  • Proactive Problem-Solving: Firm, proactive approach to problem-solving, based on factual analysis.
  • Analytical and Strategic Thinking: Strong analytical skills combined with strategic thinking. Ability to approach tasks and challenges in a structured, organized manner.

More Information

Thank you for reading so far!

Location: Manufacturing Development Center (MDC), Zbąszyń.

Home office options available depending on the assignment. This position necessitates a high level of travel readiness, with potential business travel up to 5 days per week and the option of approximately 100 home office days per year.

Do you feel challenged and inspired by what you have seen in this job ad? If “yes!” we would love to know more about you and your motivation for this job! Please send us your application in English as soon as possible.

For job specific questions please contact:

Automation Development Manager:


For questions about the recruitment process, please contact:

People & Culture Leader:

At IKEA we believe that we’re better when we’re physically together for collaboration, dialogues and conversations. We believe in the power of human interactions; the informal chats, the energy, belonging, and creativity generated by people being in the same place.

Another thing fueling our success is our values-based culture. While we are unique individuals with endless differences, something we share is our commitment to lead by example, work together, find better ways and to get things done. We believe in life-long learning, where we all play a part in helping each other (and our business) grow. 

Read more about us at:  About IKEA

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