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Finance, Legal & Property

Local Finance Responsible当地财务负责人

Shenyang, China Finance, Accounting & Tax Full time
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Job Description

Job ID: 19420CN

Date posted: 22/12/2023


• Finance background(study tax or accounting or finance related, or have working experience in finance area)
• Common sense of legal
• Obtain statistical certificate, certificate of tax professional, certificate of accounting professional
• Good communication skill
• Good oral and written capability, both in Chinese and English
• Be able to quick learning
• Independent
• Take responsibility and take initiative
• Prioritize, organize and coordinate
• Stick to principle while still flexible"
• 财务背景,1-3年工作经验,有税务相关经验者优先考虑
• 注重细节,有责任感,工作态度积极主动
• 善于时间管理,能够按时完成工作任务
• 具备良好的沟通能力及团队精神
• 乐于学习新的知识技能
• 持有相关专业资格证书者优先考虑"


Chop Management
• Manage company stamp, legal representative seal and finance stamp
• Collect TEC hardcopy, verify authorization and legality of documents for manual payments, issue bank check, apply for fund transfer, apply for cash payment for urgent cases, and approve credit sales
Finance policy communication
• Communicate/explain internal finance policy, communicate/provide training on invoice regulation, give orientation for new co-workers on finance policy, reply inquires on TEC/payment/invoice
Month end closing
• Supervise monthly and spot cash count, complete statistics report and others reports required by governments (TAX BUREAU, safe, Finance bureau, etc)
Tax filing
• Prepare tax working paper, complete tax filing and payment, tax declaration, tax payment summary; process overseas non-trade payment tax registration and clearance.
Annual Filing
• complete annual filing in all government authorities (SAIC, Finance Bureau, Statistics Bureau, SAFE, MOC)
Statutory audit support
• Collect required documents (bank confirmation, certificate, rental contract, etc.)
Assist tax audit
Maintain relation with government authorities
Certificate application & update
Other tasks as requested within business navigation operation function
• 完成税务等各政府部门的年度申报(税务局, 工商局, 外管, 财政局, 统计局, 商委/外经贸)
• 支持法定审计(存货监盘等)
• 月度税务申报(增值税营业税计算, 抄报税, 发票认证抵扣)
• 非贸付汇的备案完税
• 支持每月关帐(发票认证清单, 现金盘点)
• 管理章与证照(公章,法人章)
• 付款审核(报销,手工付款)
• 沟通财务政策
• 后备每日对账
• 协调税务检查
• 维系日常联系的政府工作人员关系
• 申请和更新证照
• 文档归档(税单复印件,审计报告等)
• 协助业绩和费用追踪及分析
• 参与商场年度预算及预测流程
• 支援商场采购流程


• We as a team work together and develop competence to ensure a safe & secure working environment for our customers & co-workers and protect our assets and the IKEA Brand.
• 作为一个团队,我们会努力发展能力,为员工和顾客创造一个安全的环境,保护我们的资产和宜家品牌。