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Meeting & Understanding Customers

Home Furnishing Consultant Leader (HFC+IB)

Hefei, China Sales & Commercial Full time
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Job Description

Job ID: 19773CN

Date posted: 25/03/2024


• Strong understanding of the different IKEA sales and communication channels and IKEA know-how in order to make the best commercial use of this information for different customers
• Excellent knowledge of the IKEA product range and the Servies we offer through HFC service, national priorities, volume commitments, local market conditions and local store and online competitors
• Strong knowledge in active selling and sales steering
• Broad understanding of the manuals Selling the IKEA way, Pricing the IKEA way
• Broad understanding of store operations, range presentation and in-store logistics the IKEA way
• Strong home furnishing knowledge and understanding of key competitors in the local market
• Good knowledge of Life at home activities and Life at work activities
• Deep understanding of how to work with sales figures and sales goals
• Deep knowledge of Add on Sales guidelines
• Good knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people


• Take responsibility for department goals and secure an action plan that ensures the country priorities
• Create an HFC action plan with inputs from the store commercial team, local marketing, HFB (Home Furnishing
Business) Shopkeepers. This is based on the store business plan, national commercial calendar, agreed goals and key
performance indicators (KPIs) for respective store and IKEA Home Furnishing Consulting (HFC) KPIs
• Follow up and take action accordingly. Analyse your activity performance: identify successful activities, solutions and
ideas, and use this information to improve the planning of future activities. Analyse the impact of actions and
activities on the financial results of the store and know which results that could be influenced
• Lead your team to secure a consistent, seamless positive customer experience through all channels by ensuring that
your department is always striving to fulfil the three IKEA customer motivators: ""Is it worth it?"", ""Can I trust IKEA"", ""Is
there something for me”?
• Keep an active eye on the competition and take appropriate action when necessary
• Stay up to date with the local market, consumers, specifically reoccurring customers and their home furnishing
needs, and use this knowledge to improve customers’ shopping experience
• Actively identify, build and maintain long-lasting relationships with the leads/customers in order to increase their
awareness of how the IKEA offer can meet their furnishing needs
• Ensure that the team actively sales steer to the store’s top-selling products, prioritized products (e.g.
overstock/overtag) and IKEA service products in order to maximize sales and long-term profitability
• Ensure you have the right number of competent co-workers in the right place at the right time and secure that they
are fully able and available to serve HFC customers, actively help them to buy and improve their overall shopping
• Lead, coach and develop the team and the individual members in order to ensure a high-performing team and
secure succession
• Actively promote the IKEA social and environmental commitment and work with your team to understand how,
together, you can contribute to sustainability


We deliver sustainable, extraordinary growth by creating a new, unique, inspiring and convenient meeting with the customers. We deliver a multichannel experience that adds value to the many people and inspires a home furnishing movement.