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Design, Gestaltung & Kommunikation

Graphic Communication Specialist

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico Interior Design & Visual Merchandising Vollzeit
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Anzeigen-ID: REF4868A

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 26/02/2024

Company description

La visión de IKEA es crear una mejor vida cotidiana para la mayoría de las personas. Hacemos esto al ofrecer una amplia gama de productos para el hogar bien diseñados, funcionales y a precios tan bajos que tantas personas como sea posible tengan acceso a los mismos. 

Estamos decididos a traer un poco de Suecia a México.

Job description

To inspire and develop competence in in-store and digital communication that 
completes and amplifies the shopping experience and range presentation through 
IKEA visual and verbal identity thereby contributing to building consumers’ perception 
of the IKEA brand in the local market as unique and consistent.


• Inspire and challenge store graphic communication co-workers to develop their graphic communication competence and all store communication. Strengthen the uniqueness and consistency of the IKEA identity in in-store and digital communication.
• Manage the process of creating and providing store communication that conveys the
benefits of the IKEA concept, completes and enhances range presentation using proven solutions, recommended principles, guidelines and national directions.
• Implement and manage in-store and digital communication strategies and solutions 
that support a convenient shopping experience using knowledge about life at home 
and shopping behaviour in the local market.
• Actively support the development and execution of the store business plan and department action plan with store communication initiatives that are focused on growing the business and supporting long-term profitability.
• Transfer deep knowledge and competence about store communication in working together with the Com&In team and other store functions through exploiting commercial opportunities and understanding the impact of these actions on the financial results.
• Contribute actively in the network of store graphic communicators and share proven 
solutions with strong follow up to make strategic decisions to achieve commercial results.
• Coach and support store graphic communication co-workers competence in securing 
high standards of visual balance and consistency, quality and simplicity, cost-efficiency and sustainability in producing and implementing all store communication.

• Constantly up-to-date knowledge about home furnishing, graphic communication and retail design trends in order to support store graphic communication leaders in trainings and creative directions for the growth of graphic communication competence across the store.
• Establish an open, collaborative working relationship with all functions in the store through transfer of knowledge based on regional guidelines and the IKEA visual and verbal identity.

More Information


• The IKEA values truly reflects personal values.
• A passion for fast-paced, future-oriented retailing and the IKEA product range.
• Provide store solutions that improve people’s life at home and exceed visitors' 
expectations of their shopping experience.
• Passionate about developing people and personal competence.
• Driven to exceed goals by helping the team succeed and develop.


• Knowledge of Range presentation the IKEA way (store media, display techniques, 
store layout).
• Knowledge of Home furnishing the IKEA way.
• Knowledge of Store communication the IKEA way.
• Knowledge of Life at home in the local market and the outcome of market research, 
e.g. IKEA Customer, Satisfaction Survey, IKEA Brand Capital.
• Knowledge of trends that influence home furnishing and communication.
• Deep knowledge in working with the Commercial calendar and store activities. The 
work method for presenting the IKEA range.
• Deep knowledge of graphic communication processes, including graphic design 
software, video and print production tools.
• Deep knowledge of IKEA mechanical sales system.
• Deep knowledge of the IKEA concept and IKEA brand objectives. IKEA visual and 
verbal identity.


• Ability to combine and identify commercial, aesthetic and practical skills.
• Ability to create a trustful and creative environment.
• A natural ability to move smoothly from assessing the bigger picture to seeing the 
small details.
• Build trust and communicate clearly with different people and groups of people in 
various situations.
• Good analytical and strategic skills.
• Ability to steer the store business over the short-, mid- and long term.
• Ability to influence and convince with clear communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to lead store co-worker in raising their knowledge and competence.
• Ability to identify, initiate and transfer development and innovation opportunities 
into tangible action.


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